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People commit unthinkable every day. Again and again, what’s a person to do such terrible things we struggle to understand the reasons. But what if all the questions that were asked for in the law? And the cause of all evil is not a question of who? When three college friends to find the origin of a terrible Bie Bie Man, reveals that the only way to avoid its curse is: I do not think, do not talk. But Bie man get into his head, takes kontrolu.Da there to survive on their owna way?

tresamigos mysterious figure appalling what it can not find the origin of the causes behind the evil work. deneanHiru students in an old house to go out of your mind, unnoticed by a supernatural entity known as the Man from Bie Bie run them, because they reveal his name. Your help to save each other, while maintaining a tajnada existing Bie Bie A Man to save the fate of the others tried the same beharhilgarria.

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